The Debian Yeeloong project's goal is full support for the Lemote Yeeloong in Debian.

See the todo page about what has been achieved so far and where we are heading.

Debian Stretch and later versions of Debian will not support MIPS ISA level used on Loongson-2F based Lemote Yeeloongs.

The Lemote Yeeloong is a lightweight laptop ("netbook") with a 64-bit Loongson 2F MIPS-compatible processor. It is the only laptop with a free BIOS (?PMON) and wireless support that doesn't require binary blobs. It is for this reason also known as the "rms laptop".

Download, installation, configuration

See /HowTo/Install. For X configuration see /HowTo/Xorg.

Contact us

Discussion takes place on the #debian-yeeloong IRC channel at oftc and a mailing list



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