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"That's sexism, that is. Going around giving people girly presents just because they're a girl." -- Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman Good Omens

"I may not be a man, but you're not one either." - The Donnas, It Takes One To Know One

"I have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat." - Rebecca West

"Feminism Is the Radical Notion that women are people." - Cheris Kramarae

"Fuck Your Fascist Beauty Standards." - Author unkown

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

"Girls talk too much." - Disney's Peter Pan

"You work so hard at not being seen as a sex object, after a while you're not seen at all." - The Life of David Gale (movie)

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." - William James

"A woman must be a cute, cuddly, naive little thing--tender, sweet, and stupid." - Adolf Hitler

"The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it." - Roseanne

"Women should try to increase their size rather than decrease it, because I believe the bigger we are, the more space we'll take up, and the more we'll have to be reckoned with." Roseanne

"I'm just a person trapped inside a woman's body." - Elaine Boosler

"Show me a woman who doesn't feel guilt and I'll show you a man." - Erica Jong.