Who are you?

Yvonne Oluoch

I am a Debian contributor who is currently an active user;), working towards becoming a Debian maintainer,eventually becoming a DD and contributing in different other ways to increase the capacity of women in Debian

How long have you been using Debian?

I have been using Debian for 2 years as for now

Are you a Debian Developer?

I am working towards that :)

What areas of Debian are you involved in?

I am proficient in Debian Installers

What got you interested in working with Debian?

I met a Debian woman who convinced me to join and contribute to Debian

Do you have any tips for women interested in getting more involved with Debian?

Ofcourse, I would love if all women contributed to free software.This is one of the most empowering ways for women to take up roles in technology

Are you involved with any other women in technology group? Which one(s)?

Yes, I am a the founder of S.K.I.R.T.S an initiative for women in tech in Nairobi, also a volunteer and member of Akirachix, a tech women institute where we organize outreach to High Schools and women in university.Finally, I am also a member of women in Tech Africa for continent outreach in Africa

A bit more about you...

I love technology and increasing capacity of women in tech. I mentor and train young women in free software.