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So you want to translate information for Debian Women? That's great! Welcome to the D-W Translation Team!

Starting out

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Our translation team begins! Add your details and current tasks below. The Profiles link leads to our wiki homepage, so you don't need to add those details here. if you don't have a Profile (personal summary, introduction), please add one on that page. Profiles love company. ;)


Nick: Faw (edit your profile if you want add more information about your currents tasks)

Language: Portuguese / português

Tasks: pt_BR/DebianWomen/IRC20November2004

Nick: ?Dabian

Language: Danish / dansk

Tasks: !Danish/FrontPage (and others) dropped after migration on

Nick: Profiles/Clytie

Language: Vietnamese / Việt ngữ

Tasks: !Vietnamese/FrontPage dropped after migration on, translating the pmwiki interface, general trouble-making ;)

Nick: Hajni

Language: Hungarian / magyar

Tasks: !Hungarian/FrontPage dropped after migration on

Nick: Droidy

Language: Finnish / suomi

Tasks: !Finnish/FrontPage dropped after migration on etc. with other people

Nick: Lukasz W. Hebda

Language: Polish / polski

Task: !Polish/FrontPage dropped after migration on