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=== How long have you been using Debian? ===

I've been using Debian since around 2004. I contribute to it since 2013 only :)

=== Are you a Debian Developer? ===

Nope. I might become a non-uploading DD at some point, but not yet.

=== What areas of Debian are you involved in? ===

I mostly contribute to Tails, a Debian derivative.

In Debian, I did some bug triaging, translations, and participated to 2 DebConfs so far :)

=== What got you interested in working with Debian? ===

I was using Debian since a long time, and contributing to Tails since the beginning, so at some point I was interested in bringing back to upstream.

=== Do you have any tips for women interested in getting more involved with Debian? ===

It helps to find a team where people work on things that interest you and are willing to mentor your beginnings in Debian. Most teams are happy to welcome new people :)

Also don't hesitate to join the debian-women irc chan, mailing-list and events. The activity varies, but it's a fabulous bunch of people :)
Info moved to the Debian Website: [[https://www.debian.org/women/profiles/solveig|https://www.debian.org/women/profiles/solveig]]


Info moved to the Debian Website: https://www.debian.org/women/profiles/solveig