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== MiniDebconf Women ==

 * [[DebianWomen/Projects/MiniDebconf-Women/2014|2014]]

Translation(s): English - Italiano



Please check our events page regularly for all events, courses, tutorials and training sessions. These events are open to all who wish to attend and are usually held on IRC at a planned time. Topics include packaging, translation, building, etc.

Mentoring Scheme

The Debian Women's Mentoring scheme is aimed at encouraging women to assist in the Debian project but is not strictly limited to only women seeking assistance or advice. We are also happy to hear from existing Debian project contributors who are able to offer mentorship. Please see the mentoring page for more information.


We're trying to collect some data on the number of women involved in the Debian Project, both as DM/DD and as contributors without official roles. Please, see the page of statistics and feel free to add yourself if you're not in the list.

Newbie tasks

We'd like to collect some newbie tasks to help people that want to get involved in Debian but don't know where to start. Here you have the Newbie Tasks Project page.


If you want to help, please feel free to join in! :)

Here's a list of tasks we need to do.
If you want any advice please drop into the irc channel, #debian-women on irc.debian.org or post on the the mailing list <debian-women AT list DOT debian DOT org>.

Many thanks in advance, we look forward to hearing from you.