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These are some statistics of female participation in Debian.


There might be errors in the data, particularly it's possible that someone was omitted. If so, feel free to fix it.

Women that have at some point maintained packages

This is taken from except for the first two cases, that are taken from old changelogs. Some names have been manually added in the case of team maintained or co-maintained packages.

Women with DD account

This information is taken from, except for the first case, which was taken from old mailing list archives, the de-activation of accounts is taken from LDAP.

Women with DM keys

Latest uploads from DD accounts

Thanks to Lucas Nussbaum for having such great statistics, it's possible to find out the latest uploads done for Debian:

With this info, if we take into account uploads done during 2010, we have 9 active accounts, and another 9 active packagers.

Non DD/DM female contributors

If you are a non DD/DM female contributor, please add yourself in the table below.

Name or Nickname


Area of contribution

Do you want to become a DD/DM?



loook calendar-exchange-provider libreoffice-canzeley-client





not sure, thinking about it



closing bugs, upstream l10n

Absolutely not (I just wanna do the fun stuff)

Information about the data and the graph

The list was first compiled by Margarita Manterola, and has been extended by Francesca Ciceri. The graph is currently being generated by a script written by Elena Grandi, by parsing this page and using matplotlib to plot the data.