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 * [[../2014/AssemblyMinutes|Minutes from the Assembly]]

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MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014

Please visit the event site

This part of Debian wiki is to organize the MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014. Please join us and feel free to edit these pages.


Contact to organization team at public mailing list: debian-miniconf@cpl.upc.edu

Note: you can use [local] tag in the subject for local organization topics (for these topics any language is allowed).

Archive and subscription at http://llistes.cpl.upc.edu/listinfo/debian-miniconf

You also can contact us in IRC on #debian-bcn2014 at irc.debian.org (public channel)

We are also doing regular meetings

Teams and tasks

We have some teams that coordinate tasks to be done. If you would like to help us, please, join us, writing your name or nickname next to one (or more ;-)) task.

List of tasks

Other useful pages