Thank you, Debian Women!

If you enjoyed the experience and want it to happen again, please leave a message here.

Also, please tell us if you were there in person or remotely. The videoteam love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work.

Your feedback is very important to us! :-)


Tassia: thanks to the videoteam, to the orgateam, to Debian Women and to the Universe for converging and bringing us together in Barcleona. Yes, I was there in person, but I'm watching the videos again, just for the pleasure of feeling you closer. You guys rock!


AdriĆ : Since I was a local volunteer, I couldn't attend many talks. So, big thanks to Video Team ninjas for make both streaming and recordings possible. Apart from that, I would thank both local volunteers and community, people who came abroad (let's think, people who has traveled hundreds kilometers and worked hard with us: isn't it awesome?), speakers and also sponsors. Glad to work together.


madamezou: during the conference I spent much time speaking with new and old friends, having informal meetings about different projects and - in generally - socializing. I was able to do that just because I knew that the talks were recorded and that I could check them later. This is how our videoteam make every conference even more awesome! :D Thanks to the orga, the volunteers, the speakers, the sponsors, the attendees: Barcelona ?MiniConf was amazing!


Max: Had a great weekend. Big thanks to all of the people that contributed.

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