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     * mail <<MailTo(junta AT SPAMFREE debian-es DOT org)>> and carbon copy <<MailTo(zumbi AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org)>>.      * mail <<MailTo(zumbi AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org)>> and carbon copy <<MailTo(junta AT SPAMFREE debian-es DOT org)>>.
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   2. Print the e-mail above and mail it (as in paper-mail, not e-mail) to the [[http://debian-es.org/|debian-es.org postal address]], '''including original paper receipts'''    2. Print the e-mail above and mail it (as in paper-mail, not e-mail) to the [[http://debian-es.org/|debian-es.org postal address]], '''including original paper receipts''' and [[attachment:reimbursement-bcn2014_en.odt|this document filled]].

Debian Women Reimbursement How To

Adapted version from original Debian Reimbursement document.

It might happen that you need to be reimbursed by Debian (e.g. for some expenses you made on behalf of the project, or because you have been granted sponsored attendance to a Debian event). This document explains how you can obtain your reimbursement.

As a general rule: you must have original receipts for your expenses and you shall be able to produce them in order to be reimbursed. No reimbursement will be possible in absence of those receipts, sorry.

Also, you should be aware that no reimbursement will be processed unless previously approved by the Debian Women cabal. Please make sure your reimbursement have been previously approved before proceeding to request it, otherwise you'll simply induce useless work to all people involved in the reimbursement procedures.

Finally, you should request your reimbursements in a timely manner: late coming reimbursement requests are a PITA and make it hard to estimate available monetary resources. As a general rule, no reimbursement requests will be processed if requested more than 1 year after the corresponding event (sprint, purchase, etc).

Overview of the process

  1. Before making the expense, ask for pre-approval:
    • mail <zumbi AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org> and carbon copy <junta AT SPAMFREE debian-es DOT org>.

    • provide a rough estimate of the expense (+/-10%)
  2. Wait for pre-approval
  3. Make the expense
  4. Ask for reimbursement (see contacts below). Refer to your previous pre-approval, especially if the pre-approved amount meets the requested reimbursement.

Who will reimburse you

Reimbursements will not be processed by "Debian" itself, as Debian is no legal entity and as such has no money. Rather, reimbursements are processed by <junta AT SPAMFREE debian-es DOT org>.

How to get your reimbursement



  • there is no official page, so follow the procedure below
  • procedure:
    1. Mail Asociación Debian España at <junta AT SPAMFREE debian-es DOT org>, copy that mail to <zumbi AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org>. Ask for approval for reimbursement if the requested amount does not match the pre-approved amount (say so if it does, and refer to your pre-approval email).

    2. Print the e-mail above and mail it (as in paper-mail, not e-mail) to the debian-es.org postal address, including original paper receipts and this document filled.

  • If you're organising an event, sprint, developers meeting etc. it is usually sufficient that the main organiser asks for reimbursement, naming all people and sums; and each reimbursee to just send in the email and receipts.