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Logo requirements (adapted from Debconf13):

  • a DFSG-free licence

  • Should include the Debian swirl, works in small and large scale and that is recognizable as the logo of the DebConf in Barcelona

  • Typeface and layout grids / suggestions for communication material such as cover letters, documentation sheets, website, sponsor banners (similar to the DebConf12 ones), stickers, T-Shirts, bags

  • Ideally include 3 header hierarchies (h1,h2,h3), standard text for paragraphs, separator and quotation elements
  • a colour chart of what colours to use where (backgrounds, headers, logo, boxes, ...)

As a first step and as basis for something we can agree on, an idea of the logo and the typeface should be enough.

Final design

* Júlia Vázquez final proposal: alt Final design minidebconf bcn 2014, author Júlia Vázquez final-design-minidebconf-bcn2014.svg





minidebian_dones.svg minidebian_dones.svg

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