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 * We will be allowed to put a '''double banner''' at the entrance, ~3x1m.  * We will '''not''' be allowed to put a '''double banner''' at the entrance, ~3x1m.

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Venue of MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014

This page is about extra information of the venue, you'll find the main page of the venue of the main page of the event.

Facultat d'Informàtica, UB

Other spaces

You can see main spaces in the main page of the venue

  • Entrance, where Infopoint and merchandising booth can be placed. The UB can let us a counter.

Corridor picture


TBD. Connection requires authentication. We must request a user for these days. This is a work in progress.

Advertising in the building

  • We can put a huge banner, ~8x2m, if no other UB event is celebrated during the same days (and if we have the resources to make one).

Huge banner picture

  • We will not be allowed to put a double banner at the entrance, ~3x1m.

Double banner picture

  • Days before the conference, posters can be placed to announce the event to the students.

Backup Venue

If the UB falls through for any reason, we have an alternative venue: