debian bcn2014 meeting

23 feb 2014

The venue


We think that we have sponsors enough to pay all our expenses, but we need more details since some sponsors are still pending. There is a group working on this: thanks!

We hope we can do a definitive budget during next meetings.


The schedule is almost definitive. There is a group working on this: thanks!

Logo, t-shirts, banner...


We need to make:


We need volunteers table ASAP. Once we have it, we will mail all people of participants list that have marked themselves as volunteers to ask them to fill the table. Alba offered to do the table. Alba could you do it in two days? If not, monica offered to do it.


Although we don't know how many kids will come, we want to have a mini-area for kids in the patio, with drawing material, some games,... alex can take drawing material and if anyone can bring some game (lego style for instance) would be great. We need a big thin matress or a carpet as well. Anyone has one?

Friday and Saturday nights

Next meetings and decisions

There are only three weeks left for the minidebconf and we still have a lot of work to do and decisions to take. Decisions will be taken fast, so if you want to give your opinion, be online! (or accept the decision taken ;) )

We think we should make tematic IRC meetings to finish open topics (like desgin, sponsors...) but we haven't defined dates.

We propose the following dates for "general" meetings: