Extra meeting about talks status and strategies for attracting speakers

Sat Jan 18 at 22:00 on IRC

0) The current situation is: we have 5 potential speakers in the wiki, but they have to be confirmed. We have received 1 mail more with a proposal.

1) tassia will send a bunch of mails to DDs and contributors, ana is helping her giving her useful contacts.

2) If we don't find enough speakers that can come, we could give some talks by video conference. We should ask university masters if this could be possible.

3) Not every gap must be filled with a talk, we can make some BoF as well.

4) According with the proposed schedule (Sat 15th 10-13 15-19 Sun 16th 10-13 15-17) we have 12 gaps, the first one would be the welcoming talk, the last one would be a BoF about D-W. So, we need 10 speakers. The welcoming talk and D-W BoF should be given by local team and/or D-W members.

5) We could have more time for lunch. Sometimes, 2 hours is not enough.

We talked about some other topics, that are indirectly related to talks:

6) Participants registration: we should spread registration page [0] (we would need a text) and emphasize this link in the main minisite (max will do the minisite part).

7) Money: Sponsors are needed to be able to pay some travels and accomodation, so we can have more speakers, but only one person is doing efforts. We need more efforts on this. zumbi offered himself to help sim6. We need more.