History of this Mini-Debconf: Marga had the idea, suggested to Monica, and lots of spanish Debian users helped!

One of the goals was: if you say "woman", more women will come... and it worked: 147 attendees, 47 women

Feedback from attendees? Not yet :)

Good idea to do it again, but too early to choose a location - let's decide during next Debconf.

Another point is to improve female speakers participation in regular ?DebConfs.

Most speakers came because they have been asked to; the call for proposals was not very successful, but lots of people were encouraged to speak for the first time.

Also, if you don't dare holding a talk, you can hold a mini-talk!

Goals of DW is to have more women developers; mentoring program could help? Maybe collective activities are less scary; maybe having more female mentors would help. A wiki page to list mentors, and what they are good at.

Errinn suggests fake BTS setup to practice; fake PTS, to see what would go wrong, and lots of shy people would dare try and then learn and somewhen dare "for real".

Maybe re-activate irc tutorials? Maybe have a beginners'packaging tutorial for next mini-DC?

Other projects have more success than Debian, how do they do? Alina, from Mozilla, says they are doing it by just engaging other women.

Marga suggests having "debian women working day", where we work together on irc.

Alina suggests to go reach towards RaspberryPi, which has lots of young users and contributors, and is based on Debian.

Grant to "bring a newbie", was made more DebConf. Also, Tassia says she's really happy that 2 speakers from India participated, even if it was through video. Only adding a statement about wanting diversity in the call for proposal helps that people from different backgrounds feel welcome. Also, putting accent on "what do you enjoy in Debian?" helps finding things to speak about and feeling confident about it.

It's also important to reach to teenage girls, because gender stereotypes can discourage them at those ages.

Filling the website with more profiles from women, to provide exemples. Also improve the website page, not only the wiki, and having it translated in many languages.

It's suggested to have such a conference in India, because there are lots of women interested in technological issues and they had a very successful conference lately.

Siri suggests that the graphics should be improved to attract more women, Tassia says she wants to have more artwork for Jessie release, and maybe for the first time an artwork done by a woman? :) There is outreach to do...

During last Debconf, there was the idea to initiate a welcoming team.

To reach teenagers: working with comics, going to schools. Maybe create tools (comics, slides) that people can translate, and use to go to different schools.

The idea popped more than once in the past to have a youtube channel, or rather a ?MediaGoblin one, with a video each weak, to learn about Debian -> Laura is interested, she already selected some videos, linked on the wiki. But maybe some infrastucture is needed: contact Marga and Laura if you're interested.

OPW had an attendee (that was also in Gsoc), and there is maybe another one now?

An attendee to OPW says: pay=involvment, so you can't slack off. Also you're assured to have a mentor. This starts debate, but we're out of time :)

Tassia prefers the conferences attendance sponsorship, because it helps create network.