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=== Unassigned Mentors === === Available Mentors ===
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=== Assigned Mentors ===
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=== Mentoring Team ===

 * '''Lesley Binks'''

 * '''Helen Faulkner'''

 * '''Erinn Clark'''

Translation(s): English - Italiano

Mentoring Program

Welcome to the mentoring program!

The Mentoring Program allows men and women who want to contribute to Debian, but aren't sure where or how to start, to get some help with their first steps.

What do we mean by "mentoring"?

Mentors involved in the program are people who have experience in some Debian-related skills, and who would like to help other people improve their skills in those areas. We expect that mentoring will be mainly conducted in 1:1 relationships which might include a fairly broad set of activities, such as the following:

  • the mentor giving the mentee technical assistance to achieve a planned task that contributes to Debian
  • the mentor helping the mentee interact within the Debian project in ways that are consistent with achieving the planned tasks
  • the mentor providing help to the mentee in finding documentation that is relevant to the planned tasks
  • the mentor introducing the mentee to aspects of the Debian community and culture, especially those which relate to the planned task

It is important to understand that mentors are not intended to do the actual work involved in solving the problem that the mentee is working on. That would defy the point of the program, which is to have the mentees learn new skills and increase their interaction with and contributions to Debian. It should also be noted that a mentor will not necessarily be able (or willing) to sponsor a mentee's package, even if the mentor is a Debian Developer and the agreed project involves packaging.

How the program works

Potential mentors can email <mentoring@women.debian.org>, and will be listed, with their areas of interest, on this webpage. We are deeply appreciative of the people who are willing to volunteer their time to help others in this way, and we hope you will find it interesting and rewarding.

Potential mentees can email <mentoring@women.debian.org> to be matched with a potential mentor. Please explain in your email the kinds of activities you are interested in being involved in, and the kind of help you are looking for. We will do our best to match you up with a mentor who is interested in helping out with those things.

Once a mentor and mentee have been paired up, it is essentially up to you to decide together what you will do. Please note that we expect both mentor and mentee to be able to devote at least the amount of time required to get into contact and discuss what you plan to do. Beyond that, time commitments may differ considerably. We hope mentees will be able to commit the amount of time required to do the tasks they are interested in, and we hope mentors will be able to commit enough time to help out their mentees with their tasks. However, bearing in mind that people's lives and workloads can change, we recognize that people may have to vary their level of commitment at times.

If you have any problems with the mentoring program or with your mentor or mentee, you can contact <mentoring@women.debian.org>, and we will do our best to sort things out.

Currently active mentors and their areas of interest

Available Mentors

  • Akkana Peck

    • programming (C/Python/Javascript/etc), fixing bugs, writing bug reports, public speaking, writing documentation or articles
  • Anibal Monsalve Salazar

    • Packaging, fixing bugs, C, Perl (also fluent in Spanish)
  • Alexander Reichle-Schmehl

    • packaging, writing documentation and bug reports, programming in shell, C++ and python, organising events, press work
  • Felipe Augusto van de Wiel

    • translation, writing documentation, working on Debian websites, working on Debian lists, general interaction within the Debian project (also fluent in Portugese and Spanish)
  • Gaudenz Steinlin

    • packaging, the Debian installer (also fluent in German)
  • Luk Claes

    • packaging, internationalization (also fluent in Dutch, French and German)
  • Miriam Ruiz

    • beginner packaging, general C/C++ skills, PHP (also fluent in Spanish)
  • Ricardo Mones

    • packaging, fixing bugs, translation, C/C++, Pascal, Perl
  • Margarita Manterola

  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor

  • Ana Beatriz Guerrero López

  • Serafeim Zanikolas