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Debian Women Training Sessions

This page discusses both future and past training sessions organised by the Debian Women project.

In accordance with the aims of the Debian Women project, the aim of this initiative is to encourage more women to contribute to Debian while introducing them to different aspects of the Debian Project. However, the sessions are open to all who wish to attend, irrespective of age, gender or experience level. The Debian Women project expects attendees behave in a respectful manner to each other and to please bear in mind minors might be present.

The training is led by experienced community members and provides useful information for people new to Debian, as well as helping more experienced Debian members brush up on their skills or improve their skill set. Particular emphasis is however given to the trainee.

The training sessions are always held on our IRC channel, #debian-women on, where female attendees, both trainee and experienced, can be assured the same respect as their male counterparts within the Debian community.

The language of the training sessions is English. The sessions are logged: you can find the logs in a subdirectory of here.

Questions can be asked and are encouraged, but, please, do not ask them in the main #debian-women channel. Please do ask them in the separate question channel, #dw-question. Your question will then join a queue with others and be presented to both the trainer and the main channel one by one. The use of #dw-question in this manner reduces disruption to the main channel and allows the trainer to be organised when answering questions.

Sessions are open to everybody, regardless of gender or previous involvement in the community.

Training session dates and times will be announced here and in the #debian-women channel. Any times stated will be UTC unless stated otherwise.

Please add your requests for training sessions, or indicate your willingness to conduct a training session here

Ideas and Requests for IRC Training Sessions

Please either add here your request for new training topics or to sign up yourself as a trainer: we are always looking for more people to share knowledge and complete the schedule: so, don't be shy!

(./) = session confirmed by trainer {i} = trainer already contacted, but she/he hasn't confirmed yet

Series : ask the ...

Series : one day with the team

Series : How it works in Debian

programming practices

bug triage

packaging issues

Previous Training Sessions

Details of previous training sessions now follow.

2011 Schedule






Build It

Margarita Manterola

Saturday, 7th May

11:00 UTC & 22:00 UTC

1.5-2 hours

Build It

2010 Schedule

Here is a list of the training sessions held in 2010 with further information, including links to the logs of and wiki tutorials made from the sessions, following below the table.






Introduction to Debian Packaging

Lars Wirzenius

Thursday, 18th November

20:00 UTC

2 hours

Using Git

David Paleino

Thursday, 25th November

21:00 UTC

2.5 hours

Python libraries/application packaging

Piotr Ożarowski

Thursday, 2nd December

20:00 UTC

2 hours

How to use the Bug Tracking System

Gerfried Fuchs

Thursday, 9th December

19:00 UTC

3 hours

Debian package information

Enrico Zini

Thursday, 16th December

20:00 UTC

3 hours


Using git

Python libraries/application packaging

How to use the BTS (Bug Tracking System)

Debian Package Information

Training Sessions prior to 2010

Sessions prior to 2010 have included :