Randomly throwing out ideas, as it happened today on a little discussion on #debian-women.

I understand there may a lack of trainers, specially these months, given Squeeze status. That will impact the "proper" training sessions. However, maybe we could try to organize a few meetings with a technical agenda, during which we can try to interact and help ourselves. Though that's probably not going to work too well unless like a "satellite" of a better focused one. Just thinking that I'm sure some of us have some experience they could share freely, but maybe they don't feel it qualifies them for actually holding an entire training session.

For instance, for answering the questions they can answer about packaging, or sharing their experience about useful bug reporting, one doesn't need to hold a 2-hour session themselves. It can seem off-putting. However perhaps a rather free questions-and-answers on a given area, in a shared discussion environment, could work.