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Debian Women IRC meeting, 20th November 2004

The meeting was moderated by Erinn Clark (helix), minutes and summary written by Helen Faulkner (helen).

A brief summary of the main points of discussion is followed below by the more detailed minutes of the meeting.

Summary of the Meeting

Part 1: Introduction

Most people on the channel were present and active in the meeting. 24 people introduced themselves and told us briefly what their involvement in or use of Debian was.

Part 2: Discussion

The following questions were discussed.

What do people like about the Debian Women project?

Will the Debian Women project improve Debian in the long run and is that a goal?

How can we reach out to people who are interested but who don't speak English?

Minutes of the Meeting

The meeting started at 21:02 UTC on 20th November 2004.

Part 1: Introductions

DD = Debian Developer, NM = New Maintainer (i.e. someone who is applying to become a DD), AM = Application Manager (ie someone who supervises the progress of a NM).

Helix asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell us a little about where they are, what they are interested in within Debian, what they are currently doing. The summarised responses are:

Part 2: Discussion

Helix started the discussion by explaining that the Debian Women project was started by herself and Amaya as a result of some discussions on Debian lists about how to get more women into Debian. She pointed out that it helps to feel welcomed by a group, as the number of people at this meeting demonstrates. She said that we are lacking clarity about how to get more women involved.

Helix then asked everyone what they like about the Debian Women project and how can we reach out to people and improve it? Will this improve Debian in the long run and is that a goal of ours?

Helix then posed the question of how we can get word out about Debian Women without attracting trolls or being slashdotted.

Helix then asked the meeting what can Debian Women do in the immediate future that we are not doing already?

Helix then commented that many of the Debian Women are Spanish speakers. Would a Spanish list be helpful? It is difficult to gauge the situation with non-English speakers because they don't interact with the project.

Helix declared that the meeting was closed as of 22:51 UTC.

Much cheerful conversation ensued for at least the next few hours :)