The meeting will took place on Saturday, September 7th 2013 16:00 UTC.



Small Projects / Bounties / Starlings

One of the things that was agreed very fast is that we need to have small projects for people that want to contribute but don't know how. We already have a ?NewbieTasks page, but it's currently quite empty. One suggestion was that everybody should add whatever they started contributing with.

Asheesh pointed to the Fedora Design Bounties and to Openhatch's Starling Bounties to show how other projects do this. Also, there's the how-can-i-help package currently under development.

We would like to have some scoped projects that new people can take on. These should be written down in a wikipage and then announced through different media like DPN, Planet, the DW twitter/ accounts, etc, so that it reaches interested parties.

We discussed a bit how we should recognize people, suggestions include: with badges (maybe using openbadges), with some gift (like stickers or t-shirts), with a public blog announcement like Fedora. Nothing was decided, more ideas welcome.

Possible Projects

There were a few projects suggested. Some of the things that we discussed afterwards could also be made into scoped projects.

Outreach Program for Women

We tried to think of a few bigger projects that could fit in the scope of OPW (i.e. 3 months "internship")

All in all, in just a few minutes, we were able to gather a bunch of ideas, which had been mentioned as one of the blocking points. I think that if we want the OPW to work for Debian, our current blocking point is the sponsoring.

Video Channel

We discussed a bit about the worthiness of having a debian-women channel (on Youtube or similar, the platform is not the important part).

The general feeling is that it would be nice to have them, but this is quite a lot of effort and before taking on such a task, it was suggested that we could "curate" the many many videos that are already there (from ?DebConfs, mini ?DebConfs, LCA, FOSDEM, and any other conferences with videos)

Suggested name for the series: Debian Orientation

Selected videos could be featured through the different media already mentioned (DPN, Planet, twitter/, etc) as the "Current Debian Orientation Featured Video" or something like that.

We should be able to measure the impact in viewership of this featuring, and if the impact is high enough, we might decide it's worth having special for-the-web videos.

Local events / workshops

We acknowledge that meeting people in person can make a tremendous different for lots of would-be contributors. We'd like to organize local events, but we currently don't have the people-power for something like that.

It's been suggested that we should collaborate with other groups like Fedora Women or ?PyLadies.

The main suggestion on this direction is to first collect emails of people that would be interested in debian-women events and information, to create a newsletter that includes whatever stuff is happening with debian women. This could probably be a mailing list like debian-women-announce or similar.

In this way, we may be able to reach more people when organizing something.

The other suggestion was to have some for-print material available that includes general information about debian-women, where to find upcoming events, our on-going projects and so on; so that people can have them in hackerspaces, or other groups (like ?PyLadies) can hand them away when they do a workshop.

There's also an on-going effort from Asheesh and Christian K├Ârner, to create an index of Debian Meetings that welcome people, and so we might be able to have some DW specific meetings taking on that infrastructure.

IRC training sessions

The general sentiment is that even though we've done this in the past, we should keep doing it, since there's always new people approaching debian, and reading the logs of the session is not the same as attending.

We may want to have a basic packaging training every 6 months, or so. Same for bug triaging, basic VCS use (git, svn, etc). And then maybe add some hot/new topics on rotation, like currently could be jenkins or autopkgtest.

Other ideas

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