Helen Griffiths

Who are you?

My job is full-stack LAPP stack developer and GNU/Linux administrator.

How long have you been using Debian?

Since 2012.

Are you a Debian Developer?


What areas of Debian are you involved in?

Conference videoteam.

What got you interested in working with Debian?

I've been running Debian on my desktop for a while and want to know more about what I've installed into my computer.

Do you have any tips for women interested in getting more involved with Debian?

  1. You don't need to be a programmer or package uploader to be useful to the Debian Project.

  2. Don't be shy about volunteering to do something.
  3. It's OK not to know how to do something: look for documentation, ask for help.

Are you involved with any other women in technology group? Which one(s)?

I donated to the (sadly now defunct) Ada Initiative.