Disambiguation : This page is about the wine made for DebConf9.
For the MS Windows compatibility layer WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator), see Wine.

Online shop

Debian 5.0.2 wine arch "all", which was made to support DebConf9, *cannot* be orderline online anymore at http://www.cafe-libertad.de/shop/essen-trinken/wein-rum/debian-wein.html - and even though the shop UI is German language only at the moment, they do worldwide delivery. Also check out the other good stuff they are selling!

Notes on ordering from outside Germany and outside the European Union

* shipping costs in the shop are for Germany. If you order from outside, they will be higher. Unfortunatly they vary for every country, so its hard (read: stupid work) to list prices. Best you order 6 bottles or more, to keep the cost per bottle low :) (And 10kg is a common shipping price limit anyway...)

* within the EU shipping costs may vary between ~8 and and ~80 EUR! .nl, .be, .lu, .ch, .li, .dk, .at., .sk, .cz are in the 8-12 EUR range (8-10 for up to 10kg, 10-12 for up to 15kg), while .uk, .fr, .it, se, .ir, .no, .es, .pt, .sk, .fi, .sl, .pl, .lv, .lt, .ee at 20-30 EUR, the rest of the world is even higher. Please ask in an email about exact costs and share what you learn here.

* if you order from outside the European Union, you might have to deal with customs/taxes.

How to order using the German UI