This survey was set up by ?AnneGoldenberg in order to understand the uses and conceptions of the Debian Wiki within the Debian community.

Anne Goldenberg is a PhD student in communication at UQAM, Montréal, Canada and sociology in Nice, France who works on contributions and negotiations in public wikis. As part of her fieldwork, she studies the DebianWiki, as well as the french Ubuntu Wiki and the Quebec project in Wikipedia-fr. Some of you may already know her from the DebConf8 where she made a few interviews with some Debian wiki contributors. Doing so, and talking with other Debianists, she realized there were different visions of the wiki and thought it might interesting to set up this survey.

Your answers will help in writing of her thesis, but it could also be valuable for the Debian community. The results will be shared with you [1] under a free license. You'll be notified of this publication through the different mailing-list.

You will need about 20 min to answer the survey.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact ?AnneGoldenberg

[1] on these wiki page and website .