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 * Your IP address {{{#!wiki comment
 by hovering your name in the [[RecentChanges]] page.}}}

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(!) Discussion

Note: the following was written by a wiki editor who does not belong to debian.org; it is not necessarily endorsed by Debian.

  • Todo: The Privacy statement should be formalized, officially endorsed and moved to a read-only page (typically, /privacy.html).

Anonymous visitors

If you simply visit wiki.debian.org (without logging in), you remain anonymous.

Privacy "issues" are the same as for any website. Of course, all connections to this system are logged. The data logged will include the date and time, your IP address, your browser's User Agent (UA) string, the requested and referrer URLs as well as searched keywords. The raw log files are accessible to wiki administrators and system admins only. Statistical data on pages visited, referrers, User Agents, searched keywords, etc. may be published more widely.

Logged in users

Of course, if you are logged in to wiki.debian.org, the traces described above for "Anonymous visitors" are connected to your login!

  • The pages you subscribed to.

Page edits/contributions

Please understand that the history of all your contributions is publicly available, by design. This specifically includes:

  • Your login name
  • The date and time of changes
  • The text of your contribution.

You can list all contributions within the past 90 days by clicking on the RecentChanges link in the sidebar. The complete list of contributions for a given page (even beyond 90 days) can be accessed by clicking on link Info from that page.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change from time to time to reflect new or improved site functionality or changing Debian policy. We will notify you of all such changes by updating this pages on our website.