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{{{#!wiki note
The Wiki was '''NOT YET''' migrated to moinmoin 1.9. Here are some things you might want to know:
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 <<TableOfContents(2)>>  <<TableOfContents(3)>>
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 * Docbook (and PDF) rendering is gone.
 * New theme (?)
 * highlighting
 * Docbook rendering is gone (PDF is gone too).
 * Syntax highlighting now support about 160 differents file type (thanks to pygments library, see [[http://www.moinmo.in/HelpOnParsers#highlight_parser|HelpOnParsers]]).
 * Creole parser (useful if you synchronise content with another wiki) (MoinMoin:HelpOnCreoleSyntax). ([[MoinMoin:HelpOnParsers/ReStructuredText|ReStructuredText]] is still supported).
 * Many bugs fixed in GUI editor. (do we re-enable it?)
 * Slide-Show action added (see HelpOnSlideShows)
 * New moinmoin's default theme ({{{modernized_cms}}})

See also:
 {i} Release infos of moinmoin [[MoinMoin:MoinMoinRelease1.8|1.8]] and [[http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinRelease1.9|1.9]] .

== Hints and Tips ==
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=== Bugs ===
As announced previously, bug DebianBug:558715 ...
=== Debian Bugs status ===
As announced previously, bug DebianBug:433991 / DebianBug:558715 ...
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aptitude install python-flup python-tz python-xapian python-xappy poppler-utils
aptitude remove python-4suite-xml
/srv/wiki.debian.org/bin/moin --config-dir=/srv/wiki.debian.org/etc/moin/ --wiki-url=wiki.debian.org migration data


See also:

Hints and Tips

Important/Permanent material

If you link to your wiki page from some Debian material (alioth, documentation, package...), then add the page to the category "CategoryPermalink" so we can prevent 404s. Also make sure use use http link (i.e not https).

Debian Bugs status

As announced previously, bug 433991 / 558715 ...