The Wiki was migrated to moinmoin 1.7. Here are some things you might want to know:


Hosting sponsor

The wiki is hosted on a new machine. The hardware and bandwidth are sponsored by Dembach Goo Informatics (

New wiki markup

The markup is much more consistent than it used to be:

Links : Links are now written between double square brackets:

Macros: Macros are now written between angular brackets 1:

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Secure https access

You can now use https to securely sign into the wiki.

New Theme

The old rightsidebar theme.

The wiki has switched to moinmoin's current theme (modern).

If you have an old account on the wiki, you might want to select the current theme, in your account preferences (Click on "Settings", then "Preferences").

Hints and Tips

Renaming your account

You can now rename your account (make sure you _rename_ your wiki homepage too). Click on Settings, then Preferences

Team homepages

Important/Permanent material

If you link to your wiki page from some Debian material (alioth, documentation, package...), then add the page to the category "CategoryPermalink" so we can prevent 404s. Also make sure use use http link (i.e not https).

Watch your favourite pages

You can subscribe to the pages that matters to you, so you are notified of contributions to those pages.


Big thanks to the DDs that handled the hard work migrating the wiki (pabs, luca and zobel).

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