Possible strategies

This pages summarizes the various strategies to get a new license for wiki.debian.org. We would probably use a mix of all three strategies (see #current-plan).

New content only

Relicense new submission

Actively relicensing

  1. Send a email on debian-devel, debian-user and directly to each wiki contributor using their registered email address... And ask people to relicense their work. Then either drop or rewrite pages.
  2. Analyze the pages changelogs.
    • If all contributions were relicensed, then fine.
    • If only minor contributions were not relicensed, then the page is still considered relicense, then fine.
    • If many contribution aren't relicensed, there are two solutions :
      • Drop the page.
      • Tag the page as being mixed license.
  3. Finally, rework the pages with mixed license, in order to drop the part licensed under the old license.

Current plan

  1. Move user homepages to a separate namespace (because they won't be licensed under an open-source license)
  2. From D day, all new contributed pages are licensed under $license.
    • Use a pseudo Captcha, where we ask people to type the name of the license.

    textchas_disabled_group = u"DebianWiki/LicenseAllMyContributionGroup"
    textchas = {
       'en' : {
            u"What's the license for the contribution on this wiki?":ur"(cc0|cczero)",

  1. People relicense their previous contribution

    By adding your name to this page, you are licensing all your previous and future contribution to this wiki under the license $license.

  2. We analyse the wiki, based on people who relicensed their contributions
    • The tool http://www.klabs.be/wiki-stats/ counts the contributions (pseudo "number of words added").

      • To compute the number of words added to a page, we use the following scenario:
      • skip deleted pages
      • parse a page's changelog
      • drop all contribution that were "reverted"
      • simplify (clean) the page with license-filter.sed.txt (i.e drop formating instructions, drop links, drop version number of software, packages and distributions, drop dummy lines like "see also", "translation"... )

      • run "diff -EbBwa -U 0 $oldrev $newrev" to detect contribution.

      • only keep the words that were added by the diff
    • Ping the major contributors to relicense their work.
  3. Archive to oldwiki.debian.org
    • Move the wiki to oldwiki.debian.org, make it read-only.
    • Copy the valid pages (i.e not deleted pages pages, with PageHits > ~0) to wiki.debian.org

    • Tag pages with unclean license as such.