This page is an overview for choosing a new license for

wiki specific constraints

Desired features

This table summarize the desired features for the new license.

















[#Allow Derivative]





[#Allow commercial]
















Allow to redistribute the content in various forms (raw, html, pdf, encrypted...) and on various media (packages, cd). This feature is Required.


Allow Modification

Allow modification by others (add and remove). This feature is Required.


Allow derivative works

Allow Debian derivative distribution to use the document. Allow to reuse content in package Documentation, etc. This feature is Required.


Allow commercial use
Allow commercial Debian derivative to reuse the material.



Share Alike

Preserve the license on copies. This feature is Required, except for [#PD PD] where it doesn't apply.


Proposed licenses

Here are some proposed licenses for the wiki.


GFDL 1.2

[ GFDL] 1.2 License ([wiki:DFSGLicenses Debian DFSG], [wiki:GNU_Free_Documentation_License Wikipedia])

Attribution :
The GFDL really focus on attribution, which is a feature we don't want that much.



[ MIT] License ([wiki:DFSGLicenses Debian DFSG], [wiki:MIT_License Wikipedia])

Attribution enforced :

Copyright (c) <year> <copyright holders> [..] The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies However it also says or substantial portions of the Software.



[ BSD] License ([ FreeBSD] copy, [wiki:?DFSGLicenses# Debian DFSG], [wiki:BSD_licenses Wikipedia]).

Attribution enforced :

Copyright (c) <YEAR>, <OWNER> ; All rights reserved. [..] Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.


Public Domain

Public domain interpretation : [ Creative Commons], [wiki:Public_domain Wikipedia].

Implicit public domain don't allow duplication :

[..] The distribution of many types of Internet postings (particularly Usenet articles and messages sent to electronic mailing lists) inherently involves duplication. The act of posting such a work can therefore be taken to imply consent to a certain amount of copying, as dictated by the technical details of the manner of distribution. However, it does not imply total waiver of copyright.([ wikipedia]).


CC0 Waiver

Creative Common's [ CC0 Waiver] ([ wiki]; [ Press-release]) is a protocol that enables people to either assert that a work has no legal restrictions attached to it or waive any rights associated with a work so it has no legal restrictions attached to it (quote ).

Notes :

See also:

Sample wiki licenses

Implementation ideas

  • The front page should state the default license.
  • On change-commit, the license should be displayed.
  • The [:DebianWiki/EditorGuide:?EditorGuide] :

    • Should link to "default license page".
    • Should state that specific license are only accepted in specific, exceptional and justified cases. Otherwise, the content will removed from the wiki.