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The copyright and license of this wiki are supposed to be available at copyright.html, but it wasn't. So it's unclear which license apply to the content of this site (there has been lots of claims).

Discussion is currently DebianWikiIsNotGFDL ; 385797

Wiki Licencing Terms

Dear Debian System Administrators: There are concerns regarding unclear licencing of material on this wiki. These concerns have been voiced on the debian-devel mailing list (references at the end).

In summary, the wiki should express a clear licence for the content on it, under which material can be contributed to and re-used with. This licence should be DFSG-compliant, with the suggestion being the MIT licence (see references).

This will allow material from compatible resources to be incorporated into these pages, such as code/configuration snippets where appropriate, or larger documents. The debian developer's reference and new maintainer's guide are both licenced under the GPLv2, for example.

please activate page_licence_enabled and page_licence_terms to ensure that each page expresses the licence.

-- JonDowland


The MoinMoin options to enable licences are:

page_licence_enabled = 1
page_licence_terms = u"SiteLicence"

Where ?SiteLicence could be any appropriate term. Then please include the licence chosen on the relevant wiki page.

Legacy Wiki Content/Specifying Multiple Licenses

Because there will be content with multiple licenses, instead of attempting to slap a blanket license on every page, what I suggest instead is to use SectionParser (or similar) to add metadata to each page that gives the licensing status of each of the wiki pages. To do this, we need the following:

#class special
#format wiki
#License GPL v2 or later at your option



GPLv2 or later at your option




We could simply tag copyrighted pages with (which isn't parsable):

Importing other Wiki content

Work is progressing on writing scripts to import the material from, with interest expressed on importing material from other wikis, too. (See MigrationStatus).

I request that this is not done until it is clear

The copyright is at

I shall start a discussion on -legal requesting help determining the best course of action here.


About wiki licensing in general

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