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Current wiki engine

This wiki is currently using Moinmoin wiki engine ( Major changes to the wiki are listed in DebianWiki/History.

The current configuration

ToDo: list the features that are specifically enabled or disabled on this wiki


Here's an incomplete list of features currently in use on this wiki :


Candidate alternative wiki engines

List the killer features of alternatives wiki engines.


Joomla with Wiki-extension

See: (

Reason: ?WikiBot bridges Joomla with the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Words can be tagged in Joomla content to link to related articles in the encyclopedia. This tool makes it extremely convenient to bridge content on your Joomla site to the large Wikipedia database.

Reason: ?OpenWiki provides a bridge to encapsulate the PHP application DokuWiki within the Joomla system. It features a complete ACL implementation that builds on the Joomla ACL for groups such as Super Administrator, Administrator, Manager, Author, Registered, and Public. ACL permissions include create, edit, read, upload, and delete.