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# * Since this master copy has to be in some language, we standardize on using the English version.

To reflect how it's currently handled (See Edit #83 on "SecureBoot")--JasonJMitchell Editing sweep memos

(Left here 2008-08-01 by JustinBRye after an editing sweep through DebianWiki/EditorGuide, which points at this as its Discussion page; I'll see how many I can work out for myself and then call for help with the leftovers. Feel free to intervene...)

The logic of these topics goes roughly:

The "Your WikiHomePage" section could be entirely subsumed into a single bulletpoint of the previous list if all the "ideas for content" were simply inserted into the HomepageTemplate itself.

Why is the WikiTags page #included? By including text that links to each tag, it makes the EditorGuide page a meaningless hit on the CleanUp-pages list! Is there no way of pointing at a tag/category without becoming a member of that category?

Come to that, why do WikiTags even exist? The CleanUp tag is obsolete, and the distinction between FixMe and ToDo is pretty pointless; the WikiTags page seems to be begging to be destroyed and replaced by some sort of CategoryWorkNeeded...

The information about the #refresh directive in the "Redirect pages" section is confusing; it says that it isn't enabled, but then points to a moinmoin help page that contradicts this. (Or am I being misled by the reference to "this wiki"? As a user I naturally interpret that phrase as "this wiki-site", whereas the developers may be intending it to mean "this wiki-engine" - i.e. a default moinmoin installation...)

If the warning in the Portals section against using Edit(GUI) is a universal prohibition, it should be the first item on this page. If it applies only to portals, the warning should be on the PortalTemplate. (Likewise, the FAQ section warns that the OrphanedPages page is broken, when surely the place to put that warning is on that page.)

The "Turning pages into portals" section baffles me. It seems to say that in order to create (say) a "MiddleEndian" portal, I first have to connect my page to some existing portal. Is that true? If so, what constitutes an "appropriate" portal to connect to?

And the warning against creating portals full of dead links... is that really what happens? Or do people helpfully create portals full of search-terms and then leave them to succumb to linkrot? The result being that when I search for those terms, instead of my top hit being a page with content on that topic, I just find a portal containing an out-of-date version of that list of pages. Perhaps instead there should be a warning that you shouldn't create a portal unless you're prepared to maintain it?

Translation pages: can I really create /en_GB/JustinBRye and /en_SE/JustinBRye, or does it mean only the ISO 639-2 language codes? (Also, what happens in cases like /fr/Free when one language needs disambiguation and the other doesn't?)

Synchronising translations: what's all this about revision-number headers? What does it mean by "the English revision comment"? (Is that "comments" as in commit-comments?)

The "Helping with" section should not be a subcategory of the EditorGuide page - if anything it should be the reverse. And the tiny, scrappy page on ReFactoring that it points to should itself be refactored - destroy that page and replace it with a "refactoring" paragraph in the "page reorganisation" section!

The "promoting" section has drifted right off the topic of editing (though it might fit into a hypothetical parent category on "helping")...

The "technical information" section is the most off-topic yet, unless we're inviting people to help by hacking ries...

(End of JustinBRye notes on DebianWiki/EditorGuide)

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