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[[http://db.debian.org/search.cgi?uid=erinn&dosearch=1|Erinn Clark, a.k.a. helix]] or AsheeshLaroia (a.k.a paulproteus). FranklinPiat also has superuser access to the wiki web interface. [[http://db.debian.org/search.cgi?uid=erinn&dosearch=1|Erinn Clark, a.k.a. helix]] or AsheeshLaroia (a.k.a paulproteus).

Translation(s): English - Español - Français - Italiano - Русский

(!) Discussion

Contacting Debian Wiki people

You want to contact someone at the Debian Wiki? There isn't one single answer to this (because it's a wiki!).

  1. For the Press

  2. For Visitors

  3. For Editors

For the Press

Since this is a wiki, edited by everyone, you should probably get in touch with Debian's Publicity/Press Department (http://www.debian.org/contact). You could also try the publicly archived Debian Publicity mailing list (http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity).

For Visitors

What's your question?

You want some help installing/using Debian?

Consider using the mailing lists or IRC channels, listed on DebianResources.

You have comments/questions about a page?

See FeedBack

You want to contribute?
  1. Contribution on this wiki: You can simply start reading EditorQuickStart.

  2. Other contributions to Debian: Visit How can you help Debian? and this.

Contact a user (wiki editor):
Click on the editor's name. You can send an email if an address is provided, or you can edit the editor's page and add your question at the bottom.
Get in touch with people involved in this wiki:

  1. Ask your question in the appropriate page (you can create a !PageName/Discussion).
  2. or Contact the Content Administrators.

For Editors

Foreword: X-( Who is the Administrator? Do not expect wiki admins to resolve your disputes (BTW, Wikipedia's Dispute resolution is a useful resource).

Lost password?

If you have lost your password, contact the System Administration team.

Report a bug?

Use the pseudo package wiki.debian.org to report bugs.

Restore an image/attachment?
Deleted images (and attachments) are destroyed permanently.
Got a Great idea?

Unless you want to do something that changes how the wiki works, you don't need approval before working on your great idea - go ahead!
If your idea involves a major change in the wiki, make a proposal and sample, then ask for comments (on the debian-www mailing list).


Please see the FAQ before contacting the admins below.

Content Administration

Please see the FAQ before contacting the admins below.

Currently, there is no official debian-wiki content team. Teams/Webmaster is officially in charge; the mailing list is debian-www and the IRC Channel is #debian-www.

The following is a list of people who, while not having special rights, do have an interest in maintaining the wiki as a whole (organization, conventions, etc.).

  • none

Old content admin:

(sorted alphabetically)

System Administration

Please see the FAQ before contacting the admins below.

Anything that involves feature requests (i.e., wiki upgrades) or bugs that aren't completely upstream would be fine for wiki admin reporting (i.e. PaulWise (a.k.a. pabs), SteveMcIntyre (a.k.a. Sledge), Erinn Clark, a.k.a. helix or AsheeshLaroia (a.k.a paulproteus).

The system administration is handled by the Debian System Administrators (DSA) Team. Paul, Erinn, Asheesh and Steve can also coordinate with DSA on stuff they personally have no access to.

Requests should be discussed before being submitted to the Administrators.

  • debian-www is the best way to contact folks; be aware that this is a public list.

  • If you have anything that you need to discuss with the Administrators but you think it should be private, try <wiki@debian.org> instead.

  • Several of the admins are also normally to be found on #debian-www as well.