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This page is meant as a hub, a central place to list all the work in progress related to the administration of this wiki's content. See content admins to know who can help you about this Content Administration.

Our rules

  1. Enforce policies and best practices in compliance with DebianWiki/EditorGuide

  2. Fight against spam in compliance with ../DealingWithSpam

  3. Work together, coordinate our works, reason as a team, discuss about our ideas

Things To Do regularly

Clean up

Illegal pages names

Redirect to missing page

ToDo: we need to find a way to detect redirect pages that point to a missing (deleted?) page. (hint: list of redirect pages )

Double redirect

ToDo: we need to find a way to detect Double redirect (i.e redirect page, that point to a redirect pages). (hint: list of redirect pages )

Resolve Edit conflicts

If two users edit a page simultaneously, they will make and edit conflict when they both save. Those page should be cleaned. example :


ToDo: These are usually short, underdeveloped articles. You can help Debian Wiki by expanding them. a good way to detect them is to list wiki pages by page size (PageSize).

Current tasks

ToDo: Tasks to be handled by content administrators. Join and help us.

Works on Category

This wiki is a new, official Debian resource, based on MoinMoinWiki. The contents of the now discontinued by MichaelIvey are now all converted (MigrationStatus) over to this wiki. Thank you all very much for your patience, and thanks for MichaelIvey for maintaining the previous wiki for so long. --Jeroen

I've marked old stuff that should be moved, merged or destroyed in CategoryObsolete... -- TheAnarcat 2006-05-15 02:08:52

Works on pages most viewed

Miscellaneous work