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What is ment by column width?

The page says: "Font size and column width is determined by the user."

What is ment by column width? Is that just the width of the browser window or can one actualy set some column width to get the text displayed in multiple columns?


It means that the column width adjusts to the size of the window. The simplest and most straight forward solution possible. Perhaps one day css will advance to the level where dual columns can be created on the fly, but we are not there yet -- Kalle

-moz-column-count and -webkit-coulmn-count work --rv

Maybe it would be less confusing then to say that the pages adjust smoothly to the size of the window. There are pages with columns and the current wording makes it sound like one could adjust them or make normal text be rendered in columns.

Sadly one can't do dynamic columns natively with css but there seems to be some code out there to do this with a little help from jquery. Esspecially the second example shows the power of this:


Personally I haven't used it but the above url came up on irc while columns where discussed. Maybe this could be tried out on a few pages where there are now static columns. The examples work great here at least.


js that use the css3 multicoulmn attrbutes seam to me better. Withe small changes it will first test if multi-column support is available and only do it if not so. --rv

The breadcrumbs on the w.d.o site are only the page name no crumbs to higher level/directories. --rv