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## page was renamed from DebianTinker/Mobile

Mobile profile(s) of DebianTinker

DebianTinker is organized in "profiles". Profiles can be installed individually or in combination.


All mobile tinker profiles share a core setup:

  • SHR mobile phone suite
  • ConnMan

  • Intone
  • Literki

That might change, esp. when non-phone devices gets supported.


Tinkerphone user environment for FreeRunner


Tinkerphone user environment for Letux 2804 (and FreeRunner with GTA04 replacement board)


Tinkerphone user environment for N900 (and likely Neo900 when that becomes available)


Interesting software needing Debian packaging:

  • QtMoko

  • Kernels (code mostly in Debian since 4.6 but needs binary package)