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See also...
== Links ==

Mobile profile(s) of DebianTinker

DebianTinker is organized in "profiles". Profiles can be installed individually or in combination.


All mobile tinker profiles share a core setup:

  • SHR mobile phone suite
  • ConnMan

  • Intone
  • Literki

That might change, esp. when non-phone devices gets supported.


Tinkerphone user environment for FreeRunner

=== GTA04===

Tinkerphone user environment for Letux 2804 (and FreeRunner with GTA04 replacement board)


Tinkerphone user environment for N900 (and likely Neo900 when that becomes available)


Interesting software needing Debian packaging:

  • QtMoko

  • Kernels (code mostly in Debian since 4.6 but needs binary package)