Debian Tinker Blend

Debian Tinker is a Debian Pure Blend which aims to provide fully configured installations for various forms of tinkering/hacking on electronics and other hardware devices.

Project Information

Project is currently under development, by the Debian Tinker Team.

Comments or suggestions? Send a message to the list.

Wanna join? Register an account at Salsa and request to join our team.

Your participation is welcome!


DebianTinker is organized in system profiles:

Systems targeted keyboard-controlled devices like desktop/laptop PCs or SBCs, for doing/controlling electronics design automation (EDA), geo-mapping, gadgets, mobile devices, or hackerspaces.

Systems targeted touch-controlled devices like tinkerphones, with CoreApps, Hildon, Phosh, Plasma, SHR, or Unity8 as user interface.

Systems targeted remote-controlled devices like SBCs or repurposed desktop/laptop PCs, for doing remote/geo-mapping, or controlling a hackerspace.

Guides and promotional material.