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Debian for Humans

Tanglu is a project to provide an easily installable and usable Debian operating system, even for non-technical device users.


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The project aims at developing the necessary usability improvements within the debian project. As such - Tanglu users are Debian users - and right at home participating in Debian user communities all over the world.

To realize this, the project works on a DebianPureBlend and a derivative showcase distribution. The DebianPureBlend goals include:

The DebianPureBlend makes Tanglu features available in the DebianStable branch.

Tanglu's derivative distribution aims at providing up-to-date working solutions for the users. The goals include:

The derivative distribution makes services and repositories for the tanglu release branch available, before they have become an official part of the debian project.

The overall vision is to have the Tanglu release used together with DebianStable, where DebianStable can run on servers and the Tanglu releases of DebianTesting provide newer packages for end-user devices. Tanglu also allows to distribute and test new upstream software at Tanglu users while Debian is in freeze.

In short, you can think of Tanglu as a community-maintained Ubuntu.

For more details, see initial ideas and the original tanglu announcement.


The Tanglu distribution was started in april 2013 by setting up repositories and beginning work on a Live CD.

Ideas for developments

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