We want to provide the latest upstream releases on a time-based release-cycle, and target users of Linux-desktops - newbies and well experienced developers alike - with software configured to "just work".

All changes in Tanglu should - if possible - flow into Debian. With patches being merged directly into the debian packages or a debian meta-package that contains customized configurations.

While Debian is in a freeze, Debian Developers are invited to test their packaging of the latest upstream software on Tanglu. By doing that, Tanglu users get recent software, while Debian gets better-tested packages when the new release cycle starts.

Decisions are made by writing spec pages in the wiki about a new feature and assigning people responsible for implementing the spec. (Obviously, people who volunteer for that) If a proposal is accepted or not is decided at the beginning of a cycle on a public IRC meeting, if no consensus is reached, we will do a vote.

Developer Wiki

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