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The Tanglu Logo

Debian for Humans

Tanglu is a project to provide an easily installable and usable Debian operating system, even for non-technical "device" users.

Until everything has found its way into Debian proper, we also maintain the build infrastructure for a time-based "stepping" DebianTanglu/Release distribution branch that is based on DebianTesting and newer upstream software.

In our opinion, developers and users have the same need here. Both like a polished system that “just works”.


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The project aims at developing the necessary usability improvements within the debian project.

To realize this, the project works on a Debian Blend that implements the desired configuration improvements, as well as on a derivative showcase distribution that releases updated package versions.

The goals of our Blend include:

Our Blend makes the simplified configuration options available in all Debian branches. As such - Tanglu users are Debian users - and right at home participating in the Debian user communities all over the world.

Tanglu's derivative distribution release aims at providing up-to-date working solutions for the users. The goals include:

The derivative distribution makes the Tanglu features available, even before our features or repositories have become an official part of the debian project.

The overall vision is to have the Tanglu release used together with DebianStable, where DebianStable can run on servers and the Tanglu releases provide newer packages for end-user devices, even while DebianTesting is undergoing a freeze.

In short, you can think of Tanglu as a community-maintained Ubuntu alternative.

For more details, see initial ideas and the original tanglu announcement.


Work on the Tanglu distribution has started in april 2013 by setting up The build system and the repositories are operational and synced with Debian testing as of June 2013. Work continues on the the Live CD build.

Read the Tanglu-announce mailinglist.

Ideas for developments

Tanglu wiki pages

Tanglu's Debian Derivates Census Sheet.

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