Mini DebConf 2015, Yuli, Hualien, Taiwan

About this Event

Welcome to Taiwan MiniDebConf. In Febuary, Debian folks will gather in Yuli for three days to develop, discuss and present any cool things for Debian. Join us at the "The Spring House & Fieldwork Station " and help drive the future of Debian!

Please join with a relaxed mood and make it a fun retreat for yourself. Families and friends are welcome to join.

We choose to hold the event at "The Spring House & Fieldwork Station" which is on the traditional area of Hakka village surrounded by the Bunun and Amis.

This place is operated and renovated by a group of culture creatives, from scholar, chef, artist maker, farmer, eriter, photographers, baseball coach, and musicians to co-create a space for creativity and sharing to blossom. Could the open source community identify elements from such living organism to further foster innovation and creativity among us? Could open source culture be a common thread to form the base of memes for doing good? Join us to investigate for yourself!

There are many artists living in the surrounding area of the event site. We wish to have music and fun together with the local artists.

Event details

This mini DebConf is a community gathering to learn and share about open source practices through demo and discussion in an environment to inspire participation and creative design.

This event will welcome everyone with an interest in the Debian project for a series of talks and workshops about Debian. Allowing users, contributors and developers to meet each other is also one of the main goals of this event. We are especially looking forward to meeting Debian developers from around the world :)

Please join us in Yuli on Friday 6th and Sunday 8th of Febuary, 2015. Participants may get accommodation and food sponsorship. Remember to add your name to this wiki page below if you are joining us.

If you need sponsorship. Please also send a separate email with your specific information to apply for sponsorship to Local contact.

When / 時間

6-8 Febuary 2015

Where / 地點

This MiniDebConf event and presentation will be held at The Spring House & Fieldwork Station which is a traditional Hakka house with an arts performances and exhibitions place.

Hosting / 主辦

Co-organizing / 協辦

Schedule / 時程

Day0 Friday 2015-02-06 Arrival Day

Day1 Saturday 2015-02-07

Day2 Sunday 2015-02-8 Culture Tour


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Event Preparation

If you want to be involved in the planning process, then please join our #dc-tw channel at . Otherwise, just sign up on the participants list below. The event is open to everyone.

Foods and Accommodations

Participants may get accommodation and food sponsorship from 6th to 8th. Remember to add your name to this wiki page below if you are joining us. Please also send a separate email with your information to apply for sponsorship to Local contact.

Foods / 食物

To be confirm.

Accommodations / 住宿

Organizational Staff / 活動小組

Agenda Program / 議程

Front Desk / 前台

Site Preparation / 場地準備

Printed Matter Designer / 印刷品設計

Debian Contact / Debian 聯絡人

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Off-site event 同時段的其他活動

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