At the MiniDebConf2009 in Taipei, Taiwan.


Sunday, 27th of Sep, 2009. ?Time?

What is/Why keysigning?

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each other's keys. Keysigning parties serve to extend the web of trust (WoT) to a great degree. Keysigning parties also serve as great opportunities to discuss the political and social issues surrounding strong cryptography, individual liberties, individual sovereignty and even implementing encryption technologies or perhaps future work on free encryption software.

How the Keysigning Will Happen

The KSP will be conducted using Zimmermann-Sassaman key-signing protocol Efficient Group Key Signing Method which is a protocol to do keysignings in a way that is faster than the way many people may be familiar with.

      gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 0x34a26946

      gpg --verify ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt.md5.asc

      md5sum ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt

      sha1sum ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt

      sha512sum ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt

      gpg --print-md md5 ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt

      gpg --print-md sha1 ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt

      gpg --print-md sha512 ksp-taiwanminidebconf2009.txt


Summary: What to bring with you


If you have questions please ask PaulLiu or send email to paulliu@debian.org.