Mini DebCamp 2009, Hualien, Taiwan

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This mini DebCamp is a community gathering to learn and share about open source practices through demo and discussion in an environment to inspire participation and creative design.

The mini DebCamp Taiwan 2009 is co-organized and sponsored by National Dong Hwa University and the "Software Liberty Association of Taiwan"(SLAT) as SLAT's first monthly gathering.

The DebCamp event is a BarCamp style event. Attendees could engage in the following ways:


26-28 December 2009


This ?MiniDebCamp event will be held at Hai-Huo / 海或 and the presentation day will be held at National Dong Hwa University both at, Hualien, Taiwan

Hai-Huo / 海或 (more details on google map)

Utterly exact location of Haihuo (provided by amateur cartographer DanJacobson.) 台11線11K牌正東邊。 97447花蓮縣壽豐鄉福德82號 03-8671183. Google™ 街景 StreetView

National Dong Hwa University (more details on google map)MAP (jpge file)

Time table

Day0 Saturday 2009-12-26

Day1 Sunday 2009-12-27

Day2 Monday 2009-12-28

About this Event

Many Debian folks around the world have vacation on December. It's a good time to host DebCamp in Taiwan for Debian folks to meet up. We have been running DebianTaiwan/MiniDebCamp since 2005. Debian folks will get together at the end of the year to share and exchange their discoveries of the year.

Photo from past mini DebCamp in Taiwan

Please join with a relaxed mood and make it a fun retreat for yourself. Families and friends are welcome to join.

Photo from past mini DebCamp in Taiwan Photo from past mini DebCamp in Taiwan

Photo from past mini DebCamp in Taiwan Photo from past mini DebCamp in Taiwan

After extensive discussion within our Debian community and SLAT, we choose to hold the event at the artist retreat called "Hai-Huo / 海或" by the ocean side on Highway 11 alongside the east coast of Hualian. This place is operated and renovated by a group of culture creatives, from carpenter, mason, fabric maker, welder, fisherman, photographers, leather worker, chef and musicians to co-create a space for creativity and sharing to blossom. Could the open source community identify elements from such living organism to further foster innovation and creativity among us? Could open source culture be a common thread to form the base of memes for doing good? Join us to investigate for yourself!

National Dong Hwa University is located in Shoufeng, a quaint township about fifteen kilometers south of Hualien City about thirty-five kilometers south of the world-renowned Taroko Gorge National Park. In all, the University campus and surrounding grounds total to more than 251 hectares (650 acres). Nestled between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Central Mountain Range in the verdant and pristine Papaya Creek Delta, the University is situated in a spectacularly beautiful natural environment.

The air is pure and clean, and the campus possesses a tranquil and peaceful quality.

alt=East coast

There are many artists living in the surrounding area of the event site. We wish to have music and fun together with the local artists.

Event Preparation

If you want to be involved in the planning process, then please join our #dc-tw channel at . Otherwise, just sign up on the participants list below. The event is open to everyone.

Foods and Accommodations

Participants may get accommodation and food sponsorship from 26th to 28th even. Remember to add your name to this wiki page below if you are joining us. Please also send a separate email with your information to apply for sponsorship to Local contact.


You can take a train or flight to Hualien, and get a rental vehicle or motobike for few days.

Who would drive a car? (please contact the driver to confirm the schdule):

Car drivers:

Sort by recommendation,

Volunteers Wanted


If your organization is interested in sponsoring DebCamp, by sending you here or assisting in any way, please contact AndrewLee. We would list your organization in the sponsors list.

We're still looking for volunteers to help man the welcome and registration desks.


Local Team

Debian Contact




Title / Self-intro




Debian Developer / Drummer



Debian Developer / Pianist

Wang Lee-Yen

Joy Ayo Tang

International Telecom Development / storyteller




Debian Bug Reporter


Medical-Wei (?WeiMingTing)

LXDE Core Team Member / Child

need travel & food sponsorship

Shan-Bin Chen (DreamerC)

LXMusic and zhpy Debian Package Maintainer

Jason Lu

Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars)


Ohloh - GitHub - Google Code




student in yzu



linux sysad

fs fanatic, 'musical' noise source

Fireside Brainstorm

This is a public space to suggest ideas for the event - anything that comes to mind to help us all enjoy a more fruitful event.

Please add what you wish to discuss:


Available options for Lunch and Dinner

Please arrange your transportation:


Off-site event



Let us know where every coin goes.


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