For a DebianRelease to support well a platform, here is a proposition of basic criteria to meet.

More: ftp team, release team


- there must be a developer-accessible machine for the architecture.


- the architecture must have an actual, running, working buildd

- the port must include basic unix functionality, e.g resolving DNS names and firewalling

 buildds are Internet-plugged in order to be useful

- the architecture must be able to run a buildd 24/7 sustained (without crashing)

- the supported architecture must have sufficient buildds to keep up with the volume of uploaded packages


- the supported architecture must have successfully compiled most of the archive's source (excluding architecture-specific packages)

- binary packages must be built from the unmodified Debian source

 (required, among other reasons, for license compliance)


- the supported architecture must have a working, tested DebianInstaller

security support

- there must be security support team for this architecture

social need

- 5 DebianDeveloper who will use or work on the port must support the architecture.

- the port must have at least 50 users