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Slink is the code name for a former Stable Debian distribution. It was released on March 9th 1999 as Debian GNU/Linux 2.1, It was superseded by Debian/Potato on 15 Aug 2000. - Debian/Slink Release Information

See Slink point-releases ChangeLog


New Features

Packages & versions

The list of packages provided is available at


Q) Any good book about debian/Slink ?

see (or google for "The (OLD) Debian GNU/Linux Cookbook" Graham Williams).

See also :

How to build a CD ?

Let me quote Kazutoshi Ando WWW:

  1. download pseudo-image-kit from
    Windows: md5sum=aec918c787255cee69e09f90f21599a7 (use google)
    Unix: : pseudo-image-kit-2.0.tar.gz md5sum=66252c5b4b23412e72bc9309ae69c19f

  2. uncompress pseudo-image-kit.
  3. Read the Readme file.
  4. Getting list file
    (note this file isn't available anymore on the www today [2007])

  5. make pseudo image (about 2 hours)
    make-pseudo-image binary-i386-1.list
    (note: you should use

  6. Change the file name
     move pseudo-image binary-i386-1.iso 

  7. rsync (15 min)
    rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192 

  8. Check
    md5sum -b binary-i386-1.iso

Note the former blue eyed pinguin Debian logo. (this cd cover is probably copyrighted InfoMagic).

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