This page describes general steps in preparing security update. It's also useful for DDs preparing an update for (old)stable-security: DebianSecurity/AdvisoryCreation/SecurityDev

A Security Advisory is a kind of training step when entering the security team. All initial uploads are reviewed by the other Security Team members. This page describes all the steps needed to pass an update for review and eventual release: DebianSecurity/AdvisoryCreation/SecSecr

This page describes the release process of installing a DSA into the archive. A full member of the security team needs to perform the steps listed in all three sections. This page also documents some frequent bugs and annoyances and how to work around them: DebianSecurity/AdvisoryCreation/SecFull

dak on security-master is different from dak on ftp-master. The following pecularities need to be taken in mind: DebianSecurity/AdvisoryCreation/dak-bugs