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 * ["DebianScience/Engineering"] (named from field::engineering debtag)

Debian Science


  • Provide to researchers and scientists better experience when using Debian.
  • Classify, package and distribute free software useful to science and research.
  • Support any quality efforts around free scientific software.

How to use it?

  • You can use Debian Science perfectly as you are using Debian because it is a completely internal project and is nothing else than Debian itself. We just felt a need to found a team that works as a strike force for scientific software inside Debian.
  • There have been efforts to create a CDD (Custom Debian Distribution) for Debian/Science, but at the moment no installer is available. Please see the section: [:DebianScience/CDD:DebianScience/CDD]

  • A proposal to create a custom repository for science-related unofficial packages has been made; See DebianScience/UnofficialRepository


How to join

Contributing to Debian Science

Efforts that could be undertaken

  • ["DebianScience/CDD"]
  • ["DebianScience/LiveCD"]
  • ["DebianScience/Classification"]
  • ["DebianScience/Sponsoring"]
  • DebianScience/UnofficialRepository

  • ["DebianScience/Usertags"]
  • ["DebianScience/Wallpapers"]

Debian Science metapackages

  • ["DebianScience/Astronomy"] (named from field::astronomy debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Biology"] (named from field::biology debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Chemistry"] (named from field::chemistry debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Electronics"] (named from field::electronics debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Engineering"] (named from field::engineering debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Geography"] (named from field::geography debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Mathematics"] (named from field::mathematics debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Physics"] (named from field::physics debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Typesetting"] (named from use::typesetting debtag)
  • ["DebianScience/Viewing"] (named from use::viewing debtag)