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The goal for this page is to collect material around the ideas discussed at [Helen Faulkner's talk http://dc5video.debian.net/2005-07-17/Using_Debian_for_science_research-Helen_Faulkner.mpeg] at [wiki:?DebConf5Talks Debconf5].

Some ideas emerging from Helen's talk

(please complete)

  • The dedicated mailing list [http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/ debian-science] has been created [http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2005/07/msg00000.html thanks to Pascal Hakim].

  • DebianScience could also be a [wiki:CustomDebian CDD project].

  • It could also be turned into a ["LiveCD"]. [http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian/ Quantian] already does much of this.

  • Development frameworks (should be painless):
    • kdevelop for KDE
    • Anjuta for Gnome
  • Is Octave really usable? The main differences or missing features with respect to Matlab should be documented.
  • Easy and simple tools to plot data (possibly separate by scriptable and/or gui, plotting for papers vs for 'exploring' data)
    • gnuplot
    • python is good at that
    • labplot is a nice gui plotter that handles 3D data
    • openoffice.org calc can be used to plot 2D data
    • [http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/ xmgrace] (from xmgr/ace) seems popular here for 2D publication-quality plotting

    • GNU R is a free implementation of the S programming language for statistical analysis. It is very useful for data visualization and other computational science tasks.
  • Necessity of a good Fortran integration
  • Useful tools for writing papers - word processing and LaTeX
    • kile (KDE late editor)
    • openoffice.org (office suite - good but not 100% ["MSOffice"] filters)
  • Useful mathematical libraries
    • FFTW and ["FFTW3"] (Fast Fourier Transforms)
    • ATLAS and LAPACK (Linear Algebra)
    • GSL (special functions, pseudorandom numbers, optimizers, solvers, etc. etc.)

  • ?DebianScienceDebianLinks

  • ?DebianScienceOtherLinks

Efforts that could be undertaken

  • ["DebianScienceCDD"]
  • ["DebianScienceLiveCD"]
  • ?DebianScienceSoftwareClassification

  • ?DebianScienceBiology

  • ?DebianScienceChemistry

  • ?DebianScienceConferenceTools

  • ?DebianScienceDataPlotting

  • ?DebianScienceMathematics

  • ?DebianSciencePhysics

  • ?DebianSciencePublishing

(many still missing)

Other contributions

(some thoughts added by smoe):

Independent from Helen's presentations that I cannot access at the moment there is

  • A technical side of things
    • Open Hardware for data aquisition
    • Linux Lab Project
  • Huge amount of software
    • End user applications
      • Kstars / general astronomy
      • K12 / Education
        • Debian-Junior
    • Things working in the background
  • A community side of things
    • This wiki page
    • Debian at large
    • Others
    • This