Sponsoring of Science packages

Upload requests can be sent on the [http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/debian-science-maintainers|Debian Science maintainer mailing list]

How to make packages

Please no duplication of already existing information, just relevant pointers.

In Daniel Leidert words:

If you want to build the package yourself, you should open an ITP bug-report against wnpp, read the Debian New Maintainers Guide, build your package, upload your (source) package (maybe to mentors.debian.net) and discuss the result with experienced packagers/developers (e.g. at mentors mailing list). If everything is ok, search for a sponsor (read the mentors faq) or become a DD (described somewhere at debian.org) to officially get your package into Debian. If you don't want to package the software yourself, you should open a RFP bug-report against wnpp and search for someone, who wants to build the package.

Possibly useful resources

Collective packaging practice and review

There are several examples inside Debian.

What can I do?


See DebianScience/Usertags.