Status of the current native packages

Building ROS 2 Rolling on Debian bookworm

Similar to the official documentation.

Install development tools and ROS tools

   1 sudo apt install -y git colcon python3-rosdep2 vcstool wget

Get ROS 2 code

The sed removes repositories that are already in Debian

   1 mkdir -p ~/ros2_rolling/src
   2 cd ~/ros2_rolling
   3 wget
   4 sed -i '/\(ament\|eProsima\|eclipse\|ignition\|osrf\|tango\|urdfdom\|tinyxml_\|loader\|pluginlib\|rcutils\|rcpputils\|test_interface\|testing_tools\|fixture\|rosidl:\)/,+3d' ros2.repos
   5 vcs import src < ros2.repos

Install dependencies using rosdep

   1 rosdep update
   2 rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -y --skip-keys "fastcdr rti-connext-dds-6.0.1"

Install additional DDS implementations (optional)

   1 sudo apt install libfastrtps-dev

Build the code in the workspace

Follow the official guide.